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Grantees 2003

In 2002, Mizutani Foundation for Glycoscience received 100 research grant applications from 21 countries. After careful evaluation for scientific merit, potentiality and feasibility, the foundation approved 14 projects and awarded a total of 70,000,000 yen to them. The grantees for the 2003 fiscal year are (in alphabetical order):

Boren, Thomas B.; Umea University, Sweden; "Helicobacter pylori adhesins in persistent infection and chronic inflammation"
Calabro, Anthony Jr.; The Cleveland Clinic Foundation, USA; "Enzyme-selective formation of hyaluronan matrix based synthetic cartilage tissue"
Campetella, Oscar; Universidad Nacional de General San Martin, Argentina; "Sialyl residue mobilization by a virulence factor from Trypanosoma cruzi"
Faivre-Sarrailh, Catherine; Institut Jean Roche, France; "Role of N-glycans and lipid rafts in the cell surface targeting of caspr/paranodin and F3/contactin"
Inokuchi, Jin-ichi; Hokkaido University, Japan; "Glycosphingolipid microdomains in pathology of cancer and type2 diabetes"
Kamerling, Johannis P.; Utrecht University, The Netherlands; "Unravelling the glycosylation machinery of animal mammary glands"
Mitrani-Rosenbaum, Stella; Hadassah University Hospital, Israel; "Mechanisms of pathogenesis of UDP-GlcNAc 2-epimerase/ManNAc kinase in hereditary inclusion body myopathy"
Muramatsu, Takashi; Nagoya University, Japan; "Functional studies on N-acetylglucosamine 6-sulfotransferase-1"
Nakato, Hiroshi; University of Arizona, USA; "Control of Drosophila morphogenesis by specific sulfation of heparan sulfate"
Plaas, Anna H.; University of South Florida, USA; "Separate functions of keratan and dermatan sulfate in collagen architecture"
Sato, Chihiro; Nagoya University, Japan; "Biological roles of di/oligo/polysialic acid-containing glycoproteins"
Tai, Tadashi; The Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Science, Japan; "Structure and function of ubiquitin ligase that recognizes sugar chains"
van Die, Irma; VU University Medical Center, The Netherlands; "Identification of glycans on ICAM-2 that control migration of dendritic cells"
Weis, William I.; Stanford University School of Medicine, USA; "Structural basis of DC-SIGN carbohydrate specificity"


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