Privacy Policy

Mizutani Foundation for Glycoscience (“Foundation”) strictly complies with all applicable laws, regulations and guidelines of the administrative agency regarding the Personal Information, which it handles adequately as follows.

1. Basic Policy

(1) The Foundation will obtain, use and control Personal Information appropriately in accordance with all applicable laws.
(2) In order to prevent leaks and inappropriate use of Personal Information, the Foundation will conduct thorough training and education for all officers and employees.
(3) The Foundation will appoint a chief administrator and establish suitable control structures for Personal Information. It will properly review programs related to the protection of Personal Information and make efforts to improve these continuously.

2. Use of Personal Information

(1) The Foundation will use Personal Information only for the purposes stated below and will not use it for any other purposes.
① Global award of research grants for innovative basic and applied research proposals in the field of glycoscience
② Assistance with international exchange between Japanese and overseas glycoscientists
③ Contribution to glycoscience-related meetings and host organizations
④ Publication or support of research results in the field of glycoscience
⑤ Other activities necessary to achieve the purpose of the Foundation

(2) Personal Information will not be provided or disclosed to any third party except under the following circumstances.
① With the prior consent of the individual.
② Where the provision of Personal Information is permitted under the Protection of Personal Information Law or other relevant law.
③ Where the disclosure of Personal Information is obliged by law or the court order.

3. Outsourcing of handling of Personal Information

In the case that Personal Information is handled by outside contractors, the Foundation will supervise the contractors to control Personal Information properly.

4. Disclosure, amendment and termination of the use of Personal Information

The Foundation will disclose, amend and terminate of the use of Personal Information in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Law upon request of the individual concerned.

Chief Administrator of Personal Information: Eriko Hagiya
Secretary General, Mizutani Foundation for Glycoscience
Tel: 81-3-3211-0861 Fax: 81-3-3211-0862

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