Past Grantees 
- Last updated:November 11. 2021 -

Research Grants in 2019

Mizutani Foundation for Glycoscience received 112 research grant applications from 29 countries in 2018. After careful evaluation for scientific and social merit, potentiality and feasibility, the Foundation decided to award the grants of approximately 70 million yen in total to the following 16 projects.

Anderluh, Gregor; National Institute of Chemistry, Slovenia; Glycolipids as receptors for toxins of plant pathogens
Dahan, Rony; Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel; Effect of IgG Fc glycome on tumor immunity
Dimitroff, Charles; Brigham and Women' s Hospital, USA; Functional analysis of human endothelial cell galectin-9 on human B cells
Gupton, Stephanie; University of North Carolina, USA; Netrin-1 Glycosylation Distinguishes Chemotaxis and Haptotaxis
Hirabayashi, Yoshio; RIKEN, Japan; Novel glycolipids generated by crosstalk between sphingolipid and sterol
Ishimizu, Takeshi; Ritsumeikan University, Japan; Identification of glycosyltransferases involved in pectin biosynthesis
Itoh, Kohji; Tokushima University, Japan; Development of neoglycobiologics by utilizing transglycosylation technology
Kawashima, Hiroto; Chiba University, Japan; Pathological role of HEV-specific sulfated glycans revealed by anti-glycan mAbs
Kolarich, Daniel; Griffith University, Australia; Identifying the human bisected N-acetylglucosamine modifying glycosyltransferase
Maor, Bar-Peled; University of Georgia, USA; Generation of new Vaccine for Whooping Cough
Marth, Jamey; University of California Santa Barbara, USA; Environmental and Pathogenic Triggers of Intestinal Inflammatory Disease
Menon, Anant; Weill Cornell Medical College, USA; Molecular mechanism of glucosylation of the dolichol-linked N-glycan precursor
Molinari, Maurizio; Universita della Svizzera italiana, Switzerland; Role of calnexin in delivery of ATZ from the ER to endolysosomes for clearance
Song, Jeongmin; Cornell University, USA; A toolbox to discriminate functionally important glycan receptors for virulence
Suzuki, Tadashi; RIKEN, Japan; Clarification of a novel degradation pathway for O-Man glycans in S. cerevisiae
Van Sinderen, Douwe; University College Cork, Ireland; Fucosylated human milk oligosaccharides and the infant microbiome
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